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    If you have a question that we didn't have time to answer, or maybe you just just thought of one, we are filming exclusive Q&A soon, head over to our Patreon page:

    Questions today:

    Can you sponsor me?
    Favourite powder spots on Whistler/ Blackcomb?
    How long has your girlfriend been snowboarding?
    Whats your favourite meal after a day of snowboarding?
    Good price range for first snowboard? (intermediate to advanced level)
    Sunny park days or snowy powder days?
    Best way to learn how to 360?
    Have you broken your collarbone?
    Worst injuries?
    Best runs on Whistler?
    Why don't you ride park a lot?
    Why don't you like the Burton Custom Flying V?
    Whistler summer activities?
    Best time of year to visit to Whistler?
    How to do 180's off jumps and rails (too heavy on tail)?
    When did you first start snowboarding?
    Tips for buying new snowboard for next season?
    How to train in the summer?
    What are we eating for dinner?
    Is Chris going to be back next season?
    What are the plans for the channel over summer?
    Just got a new board and I want another one, is this greedy?
    Do you like dubstep music? What's your favourite?
    Which resort will be best next year?
    Favourite snowboarding trip?
    Switch riding issues, help?
    Can you make a living as a snowboard instructor in Whistler?
    Do you skateboard?
    Can you do a video on superpipe?
    How long did it take to master the basics?

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