5 Tips for Intermediate Sliding Turns - Snowboard Tutorial

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    In this video I've got five tips for doing intermediate sliding turns on your snowboard.

    Sliding turns are great for snowboarding on the runs, through narrow paths and in the terrain park.

    The key for sliding turns is to use the tail of your snowboard like a fishes tail.

    Sweeping your snowboard back and forth, using your edges to control your speed.

    Anticipate each turn with your front shoulder, which will allow you to turn quickly and prevent you from over steering your snowboard.

    Use your knees as you turn to absorb bumps and keep your snowboards edge in constant contact with the snow.

    The quick sliding turns are perfect in the terrain park because it allows you to keep a narrow approach up to a box or jump.

    If you have any question about turning on your snowboard you can leave the below.

    Thanks for watching!

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