How To Travel Safely Around The World -- Travel Tip

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    Want to travel, but not sure how to stay safe on the road? Travel expert Rachel Rudwall shares tips and tricks!

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    - Pre-Departure Tricks
    - Tricks for When You Land in Your Destination
    - Travel Notifications, Credit Cards, Fraud
    - Passports
    - Money Belt
    - Copies of Important Documents
    - Health Insurance
    - TSA-Approved Locks, Theft
    - Hotels
    - Jewelry, Fake Wedding Rings
    - Transportation, Taxis, Uber, Metro, Subways
    - Bags with Zippers, Backpacks, Purses
    - Bra Wallets, Money
    - Common Sense
    - Intuition
    -BONUS: Brass Knuckles! Zip-Lining! Water Sports! Boner Jokes! Fake French Accents! Jungle Adventures!

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